_Whoosh Machine v2.0


A Whoosh creation tool of epic proportions...

Whoosh Machine v2.0 is a powerful tool that combines white noise and raw-synth oscillator selectors to create huge riser and downlifter effects. Why use pre-made whoosh samples when you can easily make your own original, face-melting transitions using the Whoosh Machine v2.0.

  1. -Major updates to the original instrument... this is the Whoosh         Machine on steroids.

  2. -Select from multiple white noise and raw-synth oscillators to             create giant transition effects.

  3. -Built in Filter & Pitch Envelopes for easy auto sweeps.

  4. -Optional LFO’s add texture and rhythmic characteristics.

  5. -8 filter types including LP, HP, BP, Vintage, Resonant.

  6. -Built in FX Rack: Reverb, Delay, Pumper, Autopan and DJ Filter.

  7. -Includes 50 custom made clips for easy drag/drop transitions.



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  1. -Ableton Live 8.4 and/or Live 9.0.4 (Mac & Windows)